Geoffrey Archer

Content Writer / SEO SPECIALIST

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I’m a content writer and SEO specialist from Phoenix Arizona.

I like to think that I’m hilarious, so I have fun writing comedy, but I have experience writing technical how-to articles, mortgage updates, and more.

My writing philosophy is mainly influenced by the works of Steven Pinker and Brooks Landon. I also have extensive experience in SEO, and I absolutely love the way that tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush help us become more effective writers. After all, Google is our new overlord so if you’re not tuning into Google Office Hours every week with John Mueller, what are you really doing?

Some of My Previous Work

The 10 Affordable Places to Live topic was a popular series of posts that drove thousands of visitors to our site. I credit the success of this series to proper on-page optimization and engaging writing.

I have to confess that I love research, and this article allowed me to dive into a topic I was already curious about. It’s definitely an article that I’m proud of, and if you have any opinions about my final list please leave your thoughts in the comments.

This is an article that I published on my very own blog. Oh, by the way, you’re already on the site, so feel free to poke around and see just how weird my imagination can be.

Our organization wanted to publish content that targeted a local market. This most recent post was one that found a lot of success on social.

I discovered a great Google tool called Google Question Hub, when I saw this was a query not answered very often I knew it would make a great topic for an article.

Relocating to New York

Yes, it’s true, I’ve already told my Mom that I’m relocating to the Big Apple. Let me know now if a long-distance relationship is out of the question.

Content Creator

I’ve had experience creating hundreds of pieces of digital content; videos, mixed media, lead magnets, ads, blog posts, and more.

My Content Objectives
  • Improve Your Page Rankings

    Monitoring your traffic and rankings within Analytics and Search Console is critical to understanding what advantages you have against your competitors.

  • Create an Optimal Content Experience

    Page Experience is important for your customer and Google. By fine-tuning your page speed, testing Schema, and you can accelerate your results.

  • Nurture and Grow Your Audience

    This translates simply to improve your market share. The moment your customers become your biggest fans your business has succeeded.

  • Be Remembered

My Marketing Philosophy

Mismatched ideas are responsible for the best marketing.

Divergent thinking also happens to be the essence of good humor. Despite the fact that change opens us up to ridicule it’s the best way to capture someone’s attention.

Certificates and Education

As a student my number one priority was to learn and engage with faculty. Demonstrated a proficiency in critical thinking and writing. I’ve been taking classes, which both apply to my major and have a unique interest to me. I have had the opportunity to grow in many ways throughout my college career, and attribute my learning path to be a huge factor in who I am today. I’ve been working hard on my studies and not wasting a drop of knowledge I’ve gained throughout my college career.

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