That’s Mine

man looking out on a destroyed city covered in vines.

Lindsey, enjoying the smell of raw earth, tip toed through rows of lively green plants, sprinkling nutrients, and moistening the dirt. The air in the room was thick with hot steam.  Finally finishing up with a few wide trees lumbering in the back of the wall. The watering can rattled as she set it down on the concrete floor, the last few drops falling into the bottom of the basin. Lindsey wiped the flick of sweat from her brow and admired her hard work while smiling.

Her living room was finally living up to its name. As she stepped into the kitchen, she kicked her sleeping bag aside and turned on the stove, the warm air around her heating up even more. Then she saw something peek around the corner, batting its wide black eyes.

She stumbled backwards, as the tiny round creature stepped out and revealed itself to her. It was a short midget, but fast, and it immediately hopped on her and began humping wildly. She felt exhilarated.

The creature was slimy and almost luminescent green from up close. It’s wide black eyes looking up at her.

“Oh my god.” She cried out.

It’s hands making contact with her wrists, pressed against her body for a few minutes before leaping away. She tried desperately to keep hugging it, but it slipped away leaving behind a gooey slime that dripped down her.

Lindsey reached for the hot pan and held it up, ready to strike, when something stopped her. There was a sadness in the creatures eyes. Repulsed by her hesitancy she threw the pan on the ground and then the creature began to transform.

In that moment everything for humanity changed and at the same time Lindsey’s feelings began to grow. Confused and aroused she huddled at the back of her kitchen. The green leaves and sprouts in the back of her mind. Then she heard him begin to speak.

“Garbla garbla gur hur hey!”

“What are you?” She asked.

“Hi,” the creatures voice started to deepen as it’s squishy frame became more muscular, and it’s cheek bones began to sharpen. “I’m..I’m not sure.”

His green figure had transformed into an athletic young man. Immodest in every way including the color of his skin, and Lindsey helpless to find him everything including confident, charming, beautiful, and kind. Lindsey felt her gut turn red hot as she blushed at the thought of them wrapped around each other again.

“What are you going to do!?” She cried with excitement.

He responded, “you’re so beautiful,” as he started towards her again. She looked at the muscular nude green man crawling towards her, and he seemed like the most handsome man on the planet. As if the ideal boyfriend from her fantasies. She saw in him a mix of her first boyfriend along with her most recent ex and a few Hollywood celebrities sprinkled in there.  

“I wanted to let you know that you are special.” He said crawling over her.

She began to feel an intense longing. And for some reason at the same time, she also began smelling a sweet odor.

“You know what you are right?”


“You’re the mother of nature.”

“I never asked for this.”

“No one is given a choice when they are born.” He continued, “we only live when we survive, and the earth can’t die.”

The odor of the one that she would eventually love beyond all others filled her inside, and her skin began to prickle.

The large green muscular man was laying on top of her, and it was pretty unbelievable how attracted to him she felt. Her clothing slipped to the floor like water flowing off her body, and the green man whispered into her ear.

“I will love you and only you. You are the only human I would ever want to love.”

She could feel a hollow part of herself resisting as they made love, but at the same time. It was something she enjoyed. Indeed, in the air between breathes she would also confess she loved. She felt the slimy instrument slide in and out of her till. “Woohoo,” she cried out as she felt the warm pleasure draining out of her body.

“I think I definitely need more of this.” She said as he lifted himself off her dripping sweat.

That’s when she felt the warmness continue and it didn’t want to stop. The heat in her bottom began to burn as she felt something slip out of her.

She looked over at him, panicking, “Not to worry my green goddess, this is completely normal.”

It was less than a few minutes and she was completely sure about what was happening, and then pop. It poked itself out of her and rolled across the floor cracking open within a few seconds. “You see now how important you are.” He said as the plant seeds exploded all around them. Bright stars streaking across the sky. They burrowed into everything in the building.

“What is going on?” she asked him, as he wrapped his arms around her for another go.

“What your experiencing Is what it’s like to be a mother.” He answered.

As waves of pleasure rippled through her body like heavy life draining out of her pours.

He continued to make love to her, as the green vines began to take over the apartment, eventually popping out of the windows and beginning to spill into the hallways.

Lindsey continued to live for some time, trapped inside of a dreamlike place of perfection, she never could fully trust, and she never wanted to end. In the end her one desire became a singular objective.

Session after session she disappeared to blind satisfaction.

As the vines grew and continued to gain strength, the people were forced to evacuate. The end of the world was predicted as the vine’s continued to grow unchecked.

Every attempt to clear away the brush was met with unbounded expansion. They grew and grew and took hold of the roads, and the future of humanity.

Those that escaped to the ocean were all that was left.

Lindsey lost her identity in the tide of green that dominated her life. Existing in a state of pure bliss until her life was the last to end.

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