Cherry and Kerry’s Career

“So you’re not worried about this little article at all?” Cherry reacted, raising her wispy eyebrow and whipping her head up.

Kerry was sitting in her usual pose, with her fingertips spread apart and in front of her face. Fully inspecting every rhinestone and gem that had been tacked to her six inch nail.

“What would I do without you Cherry.” Kerry sighed as she picked up a mirror and began to inspect the painted corner of her black cat eye. “Do we have the plane bag packed?”

“Of course Kerry.”  Cherry swiveled towards her laptop, and began typing away at the computer.

The quiet room filled with loud clicks, as Kerry closed her eyes. Cherry, turned to look at Kerry a few times before finally asking in a whisper, “Hey Kerry the Trevor Project just tweeted you about Trump –“

“Ah aha ah,” Kerry interrupted with one eye open, “this is me time. Remember.”

“Okay,” Cherry responded, as she turned back to continue working.

Kerry stayed sitting with her eyes closed for hours. Beside her and feverish in her operation, Cherry clicked, scrolled, opened, and typed. Fiery emails continued to pop up in her inbox.

Kerry then opened her eyes. “Do you think Fried Chicken for dinner?”

Cherry nodded her head, “that sounds great.”

“Excellent in addition to getting us fried chicken I want you to add a few more items to your list of to-dos” Kerry ordered. “ I would like you to order an Uber Black I will be enjoying the Fried Chicken to-go. I have an important PR meeting at the Museum before our flight. Also hire someone to greet me at the airport. I want the other travelers to know that I am much more important than them.”

Cherry began scribbling the demands on a bullet point list. “Anything else?”

“Yes, thank you for asking, I demand that you stop wearing the color blue. It’s a hideous color for you and your sight is offending me right now.” Kerry stood to her feet, “and I will give you a raise. A dollar more an hour starting immediately.” She paused at the door, and turned to look at Cherry. “Actually have that Fried Chicken Delivered to the museum. I will be leaving now.” The silk train of her gown trailed behind her as she strutted through the exit. Cherry, smiling as she turned back towards her laptop.

At the museum Kerry had trouble stepping out of the cab. “CHERRY!” She yelled. No one answered, and she cursed the driver, “Seri she screamed into her phone remind me to tell Cherry that she should know to come to these things.”

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