Mrs. Williams Goes to School

The classroom was empty when a young woman with a thin waist and elegant face walked in. Voluptuous body and flowing brown hair, she flicked the lights on and gave the new room a stare. The fluorescent lights washed over everything, illuminating the grey walls, shiny posters, and sad looking desks.

The young woman scribbled her name across the empty whiteboard at the front of the room, Mrs. Williams.

As she relaxed, leaning back in the comfortable chair at the teacher’s desk, kids began piling into the classroom.

They entered one by one, and with each new student, she gave them a bit of a wave. Once the room was full she addressed the class.

“Hello 1st period! I’ll be your substitute today for the simple reason that Mr. Kissinger L. is out for the next few days. My name is Mrs. Williams, and I’m in between gigs at the moment, but I have a very strong love for educating the youth, so here we are.” She flipped her hair, and after roll call continued with her instructions. “You all have some assigned reading for the next few days, along with a pop quiz. Let me know if you have any questions.”

As class began it became apparent no one was actually learning. Mrs. Williams, hearing the scattered whispers and scurrying under desks, stepped up to the front of the class. The noises stopped, that was until she turned her back again. A master of disguise, Mrs. Williams disappeared into the background of the classroom. As the students continued passing notes and gossiping, Mrs. Williams walked around unnoticed. Then she appeared behind one of the girls and in an instant snatched a pile of crumpled notes on her desk.

“Hey,” she shouted, “those are mine.”

Mrs. Williams nodded her head as she strutted towards the front of the room. Uncurling the little pieces of paper she was beginning to get a sense of their gossip.

The substitute is busty.

All the boys are crushing so hard on the substitute.

Those boobs are fake!

Mrs. Williams read them out loud one by one in front of the class. “You know in my opinion honesty is always the best policy.” She continued, “I’m going to be honest with you children right now. Whether or not this body is real, which it is, that should never be in question, it’s also none of your business, and I really wouldn’t worry about it.” She rolled her head as she spoke, ending the monologue with a small slap on her tits. “Now who is going to take responsibility for this nonsense,” she asked. “I’m not saying you all have to go down, but one of you is getting reported for this clear violation of my human rights.”

“Come on are you serious?” one of the girls cries out.

Mrs. Williams head shot around, her gaze isolating the young student with an icy glare. The young girl froze as a bead of sweat began to run down the side of her face.

“Listen, do all of you agree, she should take the fall?”

“I’m sorry,” she held her hands out, desperation twisting her thoughts. “I’ve just really thought about getting those myself, and I wanted to know if it was worth it or not. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

Mrs. Williams blinked her doll like lashes and marched towards the young student. “Are you saying you don’t believe me, when I tell you all of this is real?”

The young girl shook her head.

“Ha-ha-ha-ha,” Mrs. Williams roared patting the young girl on the back, “I never thought I’d get clocked like that by someone.”

After awkwardly standing there for a few minutes, she turned on her heels and walked back up to the white board, “I realize that it might seem like a good idea, and believe me I understand all the pressure women are under now-a-days, but the reality is plastic surgery is not for everyone.”

One of the students in the back suddenly explained, “my mom had them, and then she got rid of them, and then she got them back again.”

The class burst out laughing.

In response, Mrs. Williams walked over to the desk, where she pulled out her personal laptop from a bag. Slamming it on the podium, she flipped it open and faced the class, “we need to get some real life education happening up in this bitch.”

As she scrolled through her contacts she continued, “I have a doctor, who happens to be the only man in the world I trust. He is so talented, and it’s extra expensive, because he lives in –“ Then she froze, her face appearing to reset before continuing, “that’s right California. I don’t trust surgeons outside of C.A. You have to literally get the celebrity doctors. I’m sorry, but that backyard Botox is just not it. Okay, so here he is. I’ll just Facebook Messenger him I’m like his number one client.”

She clicked around the screen a bit before the laptop started to ring. The man who answered did so curtly with a baritone voice, “hey honey.”

“Hey Dad did you have a second to do a Q&A with some of the kids in this class I’m teaching.”

“Sure sweetheart,” he answered.

“Alright awesome, well first, I think these kids are confused about what exactly plastic surgery is.”

He chuckled before explaining, “plastic surgery is the reconstruction of your body, there are a lot of different tools we can use to shape or change someone’s body, including a lot of non-invasive types of surgery.”

“Why do woman think about getting plastic surgery?”

“Well there are tons of benefits for a man or woman. Something simple like a breast augmentation can have amazing affects on someone’s self confidence, for example. However, we won’t accept a client unless they have done their research, and they are sure about the decision. There is a mandatory waiting period before every single surgery at our clinic.”

Mrs. Williams pointed out, “one of the young girls here today is considering an augmentation.”

“Oh that’s great, well all I can recommend is that you know what you are getting into. The surgery is a risk, and it’s not really an answer to any kind of problem. In fact, in a lot of situations it makes the problem worse. You really have to understand why you are having the surgery.”

The young girl answered. “Well I want to be hot like Mrs. Williams.”

“Oh stop,” Mrs. Williams waved her hand in front of her. “You know that these are real. Besides, it’s not my breasts that make me beautiful. It’s the quality of my character.”

“Agreed, being beautiful on the outside doesn’t really count for much, if you are ugly inside.”

“Great! So let’s talk a little bit more about the types of surgeries.”

“Sure,” the doctor announced, “perhaps another time at the moment I have to attend to an emergency. I’m sure you can educate the children any further.”

Once the doctor had hung up , there were only a few minutes left in class. The girl burst out quickly and asked, “Plastic surgery sounded cool, are all plastic surgeons super rich with Ferraris?”

“Well, yes,” Mrs. Williams answered, “at least all my friends.” She took a huge sigh, “I think It’s time a come clean class. I can honestly say the best advice I got was to give a larger rack a test run.”

Mrs. Williams, reaching behind her back pulled a drawstring, then reaching into the front portion of her shirt she pulled out a plastic set of tits. “Here, I can loan you mine, they were starting to get really heavy.”

“Alright,” the young student accepts them.

“Give them a whirl around and bring them back by the end of the day.”

Ten minutes later Mrs. Williams class was stormed by security officers. She was escorted off the premises and straight to jail in handcuffs.

The charge?

Being Hot and Dangerous.

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